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So last week as I was browsing through my favorite sites on the interweb, i stumbled upon a article of The Washington Post about one of my favorite characters of the best show (after transformers of course) ever created. For those that don’t know, I’m talking about The Wire. The article is about Snoop and her criminal past and how she got on The Wire.



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Still broke

Damn it’s been a long time since I posted sumthin’ on this blog. Since my first post on april 30th nothing really changed. Sure I won the H.O award, but I’m still broke. But not to worry, cause I’m destined for greatness. Ans some day, in a not to distant future i will be getting money. But until that time i’ma keep blogging for real. Yes you heard correct. From now on every aspect about “The Broke Life” will be documented on this blog for y’all enjoyment. Everything I do, see, feel and encounter will get a prominent place within my blog.

So stay tuned

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