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I wanted to post this story earlier but I haven’t been able to find a really good article, but now I have. The article is up at the ABC website and they even have a video report on this issue. But what’s the issue ? To sum it up:

A 17 year old boy engaged in consensual oral sex with a 15 year old. Their little adventure got caught on tape. Girl presses charges against boy. At the time, Georgia law stipulated that it was “a misdemeanor for teenagers less than three years apart to have sexual intercourse,” but a felony for them to have oral sex. For those that don’t know, felonies are considered the most serious types of crimes, and each state has different punishments for these offenses. This law also goes with a mandatory 10 years in prison. Since then the law has changed and a judge voided the sentence on June 11. But now the boy has to remain in jail while the prosecutor in the case files an appeal to overthrow the judge’s ruling.

Can you believe that shit? He’s 21 years old now. Spend 3 years in jail over a little sucky sucky, and now a judge finally voids your sentence and basically sends you free. Then the asshole that sent you to jail tries to overthrow the judge’s ruling.


For the full article and the video report checkout the ABC website.


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At the end of this post you’ll find a clip of the Maury show. The Maury show is a show hosted by a guy named Maury Povich. The Maury Show is basically a bootleg Jerry Springer Show without the violence. The video clip I mentioned shows the direct results of either a bad education or severe CRACK usage. If I had to choose one, I’d go with CRACK.

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I saw this about 4 months ago, but I have been so busy that I forgot to blog about it. You might ask yourself who is Alexyss Tylor. Alexyss Tylor is the author of the book Spiritual Sexuality Vol. 1 Vagina Power. She also hosted a talkshow on Comcast ch.25 on People TV and it aired every other Monday at 6pm before it got pulled. Alexyss Tylor now hosts a Live Internet TV Show on Monday at 9pm and Wednesday at 9pm. But why is she so important that you have to blog about her?

Why ??

The answer is simple. She is the truth and keeps it 100% real. She speaks about the power of the vagina and the penis. Yep you heard it the POWER of the vagina and the penis. I always knew I was powerful, but damn i didn’t know the origin of my awesome powers came from my penis. Notice the usage of the word penis instead of dick. My penis contains a power unknown to many. And because I live the brokelife, it will probably remain that way. But back to the matter at hand. What makes Alexyss Tylor such a great person is that she’s talks about the penis and the vagina with such grandeur it almost makes my cry. Watch the video below to experience the joy and increase your knowledge of Self Penis.

Also check out her exclusive interview on AC

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